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Written By dragon on Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011 | 07.10

Foto Seksi Nia Ramadhani, Artis muda ini tampak cantik dengan foto seksi yang memukau mata lelaki, dari banyak koleksi foto seksi nia ramadhani yang tersebar di internet saya hanya mengambil sebagian saja. dan betapa senangnya karena dalam foto-foto seksi nia ramadhani juga terdapat foto bugil nia ramadhani entah itu asli atau hanya foto hasil editan saja. dibawah ini adalah foto-foto seksi nia ramadhani yang saya dapat dari mbah google:

 Foto Bugil Nia Ramadhani

Profil Nia Ramadhani :
Ramadhani artist born in Jakarta, 16 April 1990 is a soap opera actress, movie player, and the model of Indonesia. Priya is the daughter of the couple Ramadhani and Chanty Mercia, but unfortunately his parents divorced when 4 year old Nia. So that the NIA and the brother of Thalita since it was raised by his mother ..

In the course of Career NIA acted first when playing in Sinetron Shallot onions while White was 15 years old nia. In situ soap opera, nia became antagonistic role in this soap opera. In this soap opera Nia's name, too, soared in the ranks of emerging artists as riveting acting. Here nia also compete acting with some artists that Revalina S Temat, Dwi yan, Dimaz Andrean. Having starred in several soap operas, the bids came insistent soap opera - insistently to nia Ramadhani. No more than 10 titles already acted soap opera by nia Ramadhani. Not content just berkelut in soap operas and ftv course, nia also tested the role of ability in the art world by starring in several films including the first wide-screen film that dimainkanyaitu Film Sister ngesot, Nia here be some clashing acting with artist friends such as Mike Lewis, Donita, and Lia Waode. After that nia also briefly starred in several soap operas including the title Ghost Bridge Ancol, Trance.

In his career Nia Ramadhani terpa ever in the circulation of which is not tasty gossip photos - Nia exciting photos on the internet with mengekanan clothes - bikini underwear with some guy in the pool. Nia Pun dismissed rumors by saying that the man - the man is a brother away and when dikolam pool wearing a bikini that is normal too ..

Dalah his relationship Asamara Nia Ramadhani had established the love with several artists and children whom officials Ressa Herlambang R & B singer But unfortunately their relationship and broke up shortly as well. Then the world moved into the heart Bams Samsons band's vocalist. Relationship was not long since digossipkan a third person, his final break up deh too ... and the last one and I think so anyway .. heheheh, nia establish love with child Bakrie (as Indonesia's richest man) is Aldi Bakrie. Well ... easy - I hope this enduring aja deh .. udah tuh grandfather match the beautiful girl and a rich guy .. uh .. heheheheh cute one.

Full Name: Prianti Nur Ramadhani
Nickname: Nia Ramadhani
TTL: Jakarta, 16 April 1990
Zodiac: Aries
Father Name: Priya Ramadhani
Mother's Name: Chanty Mercia
Hobbies: watching, roads - roads, dining, photo
Favorite color: White
Favorite food: Fried chicken and noodles
Favorite Books: Japanese Comic
Favourite movie: Romeo n Juliet
Favorite Music: RnB, Pop

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